An aerial view of individuals enjoying canoeing on the gently flowing Shimanto River.
Image of piping hot Ayu rice topped with locally sourced Ayu from Shimanto Town.
View of the countryside of Shimanto Town captured from above.


Indulge in laidback,
relaxing moments

Visit Shimanto Town,
where Mother Nature’s great river flows

In Shimanto Town of Takaoka District, Kochi Prefecture, flows the Shimanto River, known as “the last clear stream of Japan.”
You can find ayu (sweetfish), eels, river shrimp and crabs lurking in the crystal-clear waters, while fireflies flit through the night sky, and the chirps of wild birds echo through the air.
Surrounded by paddy fields, sunlight glistens on the river’s surface, while shrieks of joy from the nearby rafting groups resound through the air.
Children dive into the water from the ‘chinkabashi’ sinking bridges, while others leisurely enjoy their time by canoeing or paddleboarding.
In the deep blue pacific waters, surfers become one with the waves, while divers frolic in the water with tropical fish.
Under a never-ending starry sky, campers share stories all night long.
From clear running streams, the gentle slopes of the valleys and mountains, to access to the Pacific Ocean, Shimanto Town has it all: there’s an unending amount of freedom.
Why not come experience it for yourself?

Image of children dive from Chinka-bridge
Images of the slow-flowing Shimanto River.

Access to Shimanto Town

  • Access from Kochi Airport
  • Access via car
  • Access via train

plain Access from Kochi Airport

Access via train

From Kochi Ryoma Airport, approx. 40 mins by bus JR Kochi Station, 60 mins by JR Dosan Line (express) JR Kubokawa Station.

Access via car

5 mins from Kochi Ryoma Airport 10 mins from Kochi Ryoma Airport IC, Kochi Nankoku Road, Kawachi Minami IC, Prefectural Road 376 10 mins north on Prefectural Road 44 Kochi IC 50 mins on Kochi Expressway JR Kubokawa Station

icon of car Access via car

From Kochi City area

From Kochi IC, take Kochi Expressway and get off the motorway at Shimanto Town Chuo IC (approx. 50 mins).

From the direction of Uwajima City area

Uwajima City, Route 320, approx. 20 mins. towards Matsuno Town, Route 381, approx. 100 mins. towards Susaki.

icon of train Access via train

From Kochi Station

From Kochi Station, take the JR Shinsan Line (express) to JR Kubokawa Station (approx. 60 mins).


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